Hasselblad nog aan toe!

Niet gespeend van enig leedvermaak, kreeg ik van een subject uit mijn wijde kennissenkring volgende mail:

Subject: ter vervanging van je defecte toestel?
Hasselblad 39 megapixel
Tang excepted, if a product’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for you, right? Hasselblad, whose cameras were the first to make a lunar landing, has now announced this planet’s first 44mm digital SLR with–holy Hubble, Batman!–39 megapixels. That means sharp color and detail, even in low light, but also a lot of data per picture: the 2GB memory card will only hold about 40 images, so you may want to opt for the 100GB Hasselblad Image Bank or another external hard drive. Realistically speaking, you need that many pixels only if you’re a professional photographer with deep pockets (at least $30,000, we expect). But hey, if you’re an amateur with more money than sense, this may be the camera for you, especially if you need a carry-on for that space flight.

Niet dat 30,000 dollar mij enigszins aan het twijfelen brengt, maar het design is me toch een afknapper.

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